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About Us page

About Phoneservicebusiness.com 
 Welcome  to Phoneservicebusiness.com -  a blog specifically  built  for helping people on computer, phones and tech issues.

  My name is Lawal kamaldeen and am a full time Blogger, making a list from solving people needs.

  From hubby to profession 
 Back in 2015 after my graduation,  I developed  an urge to help solve people  need, basically  on computer, phones and tech, this prompt me to read wide on the subject matter,  after a couple  of researching  I felt like exhibiting  my talent for the benefit  of the populace, reason I started  my blog this year 2017.

  Why Phoneservicebusiness.com? 
  This site is dedicated to helping  others learn  the basics solution  to their computers phones and tech problems.
If you would like to know more Information about Phoneservicebusiness.com pls endeavour to contact me through my contact page.

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