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Friday, May 26, 2017


          When it is as certain as death that you will launch your business, what you are envisaging is the realization of years work culminating  into a reality. As part of the business top “NEED” is the launching of an effective marketing strategy, afterall, no business in this digital world can stand the test of time without advertising what he/she is selling or the service he/she is rendering to the entire world through marketing, otherwise your business is as good as gone in the sea of competition and fizzle out.
           One of the major problem with creating a marketing strategy is that many upcoming business takes the “PLANNING” of their marketing with levity hand, now it is important to understand that any business is bound to make some mistakes at some point in time , but the ability of correcting the mistakes and hopes that newly registered business entity is stronger. Still, these set of mistakes if not taken seriously can do more harm to your business than good and can ultimately ruin the business. Rather than assume it’s success or failure with nothing not clear enough, Here are the top 4 strategy of marketing mistakes business make and why they can be avoided.
Ø  Know your customer: Reading your customer’s mind in different ways is literally marketing and that is the key. There are couple of ways to reach out to your customer’s  by studying if they have preference to a clique of social media platform, you know where to send them your message, information, it is very time consuming to get this working but it is very possible by asking for a feedback from your customer’s to get what they really want.
Ø  Perfection is not possible: During some companies start up , they try to ambush their potential end user with almost everything about them in form of presentation and name. other are very satisfied with where they are presently but they try to push their business through several social media platforms, moreover you are obliged to learn and get valuable feedback from the public which in turn prove where the change in your presentation are best made.
Ø  Know your competitors: know how your competitors are doing their marketing and study both their success and failure story and build on their success and learn from their mistakes, but you must be wary of copying all their success story without a proper  modification, because it will have negative impact on your business as it will turn off your customers, in a nutshell, be confident in whatever marketing you are offering to your customer’s.
Ø  Thourough Data Review:You need to review everything about what you do in your business ranging from finance, man support and the rest, you need the review so as to ascertain where things are working for your business and where there should be a slight modification to get a reasonable result.           
      An effective strategy of marketing is the mark of a company that has study what needed to be done to know any information to be added should be dynamic in nature.

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