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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Online Business to Curb Recession

Online Business To Curb Recession
Have you ever heard of the word Domain Name?
What is Domaining?
Can domaining be practice in Nigeria?

Let’s now thrash the issues raised above
Ø  What is a Domain name?
     In a sentence, a domain name is an online real estate. Did I just said real estate? Yes, it is an online real estate. If you have a plan to own your website either for personal or for business, you can never do without a domain name, reason I said it is an online real estate, because no matter how nice your design and plans are without a domain name you cannot host your website just like you can never build an house without a land.

Ø What is Domaining?
      Domaining can be  as the business of making money with internet domain name. it is an online business that entails buying and selling of domain name at a cheaper price and selling for a higher price to an end user. It’s speculating on virtual allocations, it would be very difficult to remember that Google was located at the actual IP address.. if you type those number into the address bar of your browser , you will see it resolves back to Google.
The names however are limited due to the ability of humans to remember them, we can actually remember dictionary names or names that have been driven into our memory by advertising , but we soon forget names that are unusual, misspelled, or just don’t quite make sense, in a nutshell domaining is a business that is done online i.e it is an online business.
When searching for a domain name you must realize somethings, all the high traffic names are taken, so you have to do extensive research on domain you want to invest your money on.
Domainer’s  constantly search for the domain and resell those unique domain at a premium rate to end users, it is is a risky business just as real estate speculation can be, if you want to keep up with some of the latest domain name sales and related news, keep and eye on namepros.com and DNJournal.com

Ø Can Domaining be practice in Nigeria?
     YES. It is very possible to make a fortune from domaining, provided you follow the right steps and be ready to learn from experts.
  There are couple of Nigerians name withheld that sold spiceNrice.com for $250 from an initial fees of $35, calculate the ROI to see it a very lucrative venture.
  There is another guy that sold danbaba.com for $ 500  after buying same name for $9 in couple of weeks.
The only stigma attached with this domain business is you must be patient, this is not a business for people that cannot exercise some patience, because it is not a get rich quick business.
  You must do your own research, read blogs and exercise enough patience.

On my next article I will write on ways to source or buy rich expired domain and wher to sell at a reasonable price instantly.

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