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Friday, June 23, 2017


There are basically four ways one can make fortune from YouTube, but I personally recommend the last one after rigorous  research  on all the listed ways of making money on YouTube.
The four ways of making money on YouTube are as follows:
1.Affiliate product marketing:  This methods is offering  your service to some affiliate marketplace like clickbank ,Amazon, commission junction and eBay. By promoting their product to your audience and in returns they pay you on the amount of sales your ads generated for them.
2.Sponsorship:  This is somehow similar to the affiliate product marketing, but unlike it this involves you have a ready made customer base to serve, because it is the company that will approach you to promote their product or the service they are rendering to your audience. This may comes in form of putting on the cloth to display the company products or by mere displaying the goods on your YouTube channel.
3. Google Adsense: This is by far the popular of the lots and the most crowded ways of earning, not only on YouTube but virtually on all online platforms.
  This involves you monetizing your YouTube channel for a fortune, by displaying ads on your YouTube channel and Google in conjunction with YouTube will pay you on the views and clicks the ads pasted on your YouTube channel generated. This process of displaying ads normally occur even before your uploaded videos is up and running. But this particular form of making money online is quite disturbing to the YouTube subscriber, unlike the first two because of the various ads that tends to obstruct the watching of the uploaded videos.
And to the last one that I personally recommended after series of research and efficiency after putting to use is
4.Lead Generation Source: This is the most effective method, especially for one that just launched his business online, a person or group of person that has product, service or solution to render. This method is actually two in one, because you will equally make money of YouTube with this method, what would you do? You will simply direct your subscriber to your business address to get basic and important information about them, information like their contacts and mobile number that will aid your business al the long run.
    How can you achieve this seemingly difficult task? You achieve this task by prompting a call up action to your subscriber at  the end of the videos you uploaded to your channel.
Example: If you want to make money online easily after watching this videos, just click on the link below this video, I have a comprehensive 30 page article on how to make money easily online for you at no cost. subscribe if you haven’t.

I hope with this article you agree with me that there is actually a way of making fortune on youtube, and that is through lead generation.

Thanks for reading!


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