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Thursday, July 6, 2017

5 must have app for a blogger.

          The world is now controlled by android smartphones, with the advent of android app, they are replacing the already known computers and laptop.
     Presently it is safe to say everybody owns a smartphones and dedicate enough time and resources making use of their worldly gift.
    Android generally has numerous app uploaded on Google play store, being a blogger, you are free to go to the google play store and download any android app that will aid your productivity.
 Although it is an uphill task picking the best and the most suitable mobile app that will aid your blogging profession, to save yourself from the stress of doing trying an error, I have compiled 5 top app that is suitable for any blogger.
    All the underlisted apps are free, but some has the premium version.
1.             POCKET
     Pocket is one of the must have android app for bloggers, with pocket, you can save and read post later whenever you find interesting subject or topic, just save it in pocket , you can as well check the same topic or subject later from your browser or smartphones. This is a productivity booster app because it keep you always focus on what you are doing.
  Its premium version offers some mind blowing features which includes  suggested tags ,advanced search, etc.

2.             TODOIST
      After trying several to do list app, I can confidently say todoist is the best among the lot, more than 10 platforms are supported by todoist, this simply means with todoist  your data will be synced to all devices. It is easily accessible and it works perfectly for both online and offline uses.
     Todoist design is second to non as it is distraction free that stand out from competitors.
3.            JOTTERPAD
     Blogger are definitely a writer, so blogger need and app that will aid their writing not the one to compound their woes,.
   Writing on mobile is a tough task for most blogger, until I discovered jotterpad,it is my best editor for android.
    Some of the amazing features of embedded in this app are find phrase, night mode,snapshot etc
4.           SERPmojo
     SERPmojo  is a rank tracker that enable you track unlimited keywords, you will foreverly be grateful to me afterwards for introducing this app to you., it has a collaboration with major search engine like Yahoo, Bing and Google.
   This app has a pro version that offer analytic insight keyword status, automatic background rank update suitable for SEO experts and blogger.
5.            UDEMY
     Are you willing to learn almost anything online? If your answer is yes then udemy is your best bet, name any course or contents you need to learn, it is readily available on udemy, using this app will grant you access to the course(s) anyday of the time.

       IN A NUTSHELL, These are the 5 android app am currently making use of and will be of immense important to you as well.

Thanks for reading.

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