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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Build an incredible Source of Income Selling Tee Shirts Online.

How To Make Money Online With Teespring in Nigeria[STEP BY STEP TRAINING
      As an entrepreneur i am constantly looking for new ways to make money. And one of the different ways to find new ways of making money is to surround yourself with other people who are trying to do the same thing. There are a couple of top notch money making groups i have joined both in the past and in present.. These places are always littered with great people sharing useful information on their current systems of making money and who are also always hungry for information that will be of benefit to them too.
So it should come up as no surprise that i am always getting ideas on new ways and means to make another dollar online. Coupled with my undying attitude in wanting to explore new things. 

And it was in one of such groups, earlier in the year i found my new system of making money using 
Tee-spring... Even though i had to back things up with my own research and invest in a few resources to get started.
TeeSpring is all the rage with online marketers right now who are designing and selling T-shirts via any means possible to make money. And it's very common these days when i get to see people from my circus talking about how much they made in earnings.
That's to show you how lucrative this system is ; And with the right money attitude, understanding and implementation everybody into this can be successful.
Alright, Now since this is the first time a lot of you here will be learning about tee-spring/this system of making money, my updates on this will be classified into two. 

1. First part ;  A general breakdown of the whole system and how it works.

2. Second part; Taking action and implementing things in steps. 

Part1-General breakdown.

What is Teespring?

Teespring is a platform where you get paid/make money by designing t-shirts and selling them; while the platform in itself handles everything else from collecting payment for you, data/details of customers, printing the t-shirts, shipping the t-shirt to customers and paying you the seller.

Teespring’s business is basically based on the concept of T-shirt designs. 
serves as a platform which allows you to create, customize and sell apparels by creating “campaigns” after signing up and creating your own Teespring “account” with zero upfront cost & with no risk.
All you do is create a design using very simple tools and you absolutely do not need to be a designer by any means in order to make this work.
You just need to have the creativity to come up with an idea that will make a highly marketable design...

This is sure one of the unique ways to make money online selling your own apparels designed and customised by you and the remaining back end things like sales, invoices, shipment and billings are controlled and handled by the platform - Teespring.
They have their own printing/clothing shops and production facilities, that means they are giving you an opportunity to do a little job and make money by creating a cool t-shirt design and bring sales on it and the day when your Teespring campaign ends you will be paid with your profit.

The only work you do as a seller is design(being creative and coming up with great designs which will sell) then promote your tees to get buyers and when they buy you make money.
Simple as that.

We all love tee shirts especially quality tee-shirt with great designs. There must be a day or time when you have seen someone wearing a very cool T-shirt which had an awesome print on it (such as a quote, a phrase, a catchy picture, a brand name, symbols, cartoon characters, double meaning phrases, patterns etc) and that you considered such an attractive top that you also desired to have such a t-shirt for yourself.
Well that was simply the effect of the design on the shirt.

And sometimes you see that , people get to buy a shirt because of the wordings, art or pictures on the front of it......... Now that is what we refer to as a design being marketable... 
And same thing applies when it comes to making money with this system. If you have some awesome designs that will get the attention of your audience, people will buy your shirt and you will make money.
And this is what has made this system a unique way of making pay online.

Because you are no different from the big fashion manufacturers who has got to have the massive facilities, modalities, for large production- which entails design, printing,shipping, keeping inventory etc..
But yet you are running the same business alike with zero concern to how production is made....  And faced with only the task of designing and promoting even without seeing your product yourself.

What  you two share in common is on how you can pull up sales for your Tees to make money and this here references back to making marketable designs which will sell your tees without you having to bother about manufacturing.
And that's just it..

You see, making money with this system is just likened to any other big ways money can be made. Like music, movies, books etc..
-An artist makes a song and that song becomes a hit because people like it. And that artists stays in spotlight with his song getting massive airplay, downloads, trends and the artists getting more shows which all means one thing-  more money & more money for the artist..

-A producer makes a great movie, the movie is anticipated, movie trends, movie sells; everybody wants to watch that movie -  the movie grosses massive profit from film houses, massive profit from its sales, etc all these means one thing - more money for the producer.

-An author writes a book and it becomes *best seller* selling millions of copies and raking in mad cash. What does this entails? More money for the author.

Same thing in the fashion industry and applicable to just any category of product out there.

“The success in sales of any of these products was as a result of the creativity, innovation and insights of the person behind the product or perhaps the uniqueness of the product to the target audience. Be it, music, movie, fashion, books etc... “

So same thing applies my friend, when it comes to making money with Teespring.

You have to be innovative, creative, trendy, psychological, smart to come up with designs that will get interest of the audience and hence bring in sales for you.. That is just your major work here as a T-shirt designer/seller.

A design doesn't has to be complex or too colorful. It could be simple wordings carrying a message(powerful or hilarious) ; yet catchy and sporty.
And with the whole platform available to you at no cost, You have the opportunity to test, test and test till you hit it with the design that will make your break . And you will sure hit it.

Other platforms like Tee-spring.
Now there are many other platforms online like teespring where you can design custom shirts and make money,  and to build yourself a steady source of income;
E. G 
Teechip, Teedily, Sunfrog etc

These platforms work exactly like Teespring with each having its slight differences in operations and policies.

There are all credible as i have traced some tees i saw being marketed online to their stores one time or the other.
it doesn't matter the platform you join or choose to use the main thing is that you sell! -  coming up with that design that will get the interest of your target audience ..

But for a start, i will advice you stick with teespring and get your first experience(design, sell and earn with them) before trying new grounds..

Because teespring is the pioneer and first to start the whole crowd funding customised T-shirt sales thing.
Myself, i just started working on Teechip. The platform looks great too, and seems one can earn slightly more in sales than in Teespring. But you see i already have my experience and know how stuff works from Teespring.
So you should start with teespring.

Alright now, 
A breakdown of the process flow to make money with this. 
Process flow.

Create a cool marketable tee shirt design>Launch campaign >Promote to get People order your shirt  >You make money >Teespring handles the rest of the things like printing and delivering that shirt.
Other Basic details you should know. 
Understanding Terms like/Your;
Set Goals , Pricing, Base Cost, What you earn per sale and how much you make at the end of every campaign.
Set Goals:
This is your campaign goal or number of shirts that you are planning to sell via a particular campaign.  That is the the total number of units you want to sell. It could be 20, 50,100, 200 etc... All depends on your goal. That is why it's called “set goal”more shirts you sell more profit you get.
Already Teespring has a suggested custom price for you to sell your tees. You will see this when you get to that stage of setting up your campaign. Price ranges from $19 to $22 per tee. You may want to live the price like this as it is moderate enough and i have not had to sell my own tees more than that price range. What will alter/increase your gains in profits with this price is the base cost for that particular campaign which depends on the style/design option you choose.
Base cost:
Teespring does not charge you for using their platform. You only get to pay for the printing and delivery of your tees to your customers. And the charge for this is deducted from your sales pay for your tees. This charge is what is known as 
base cost. i.e your shirt costs $21, for every sale you make a base cost is deducted and the remaining is your profit.
The base cost ranges from $8 to $9
(all depends on the style/design you pick for your tee-shirt design and number of tees/set goal you want to sell for that campaign.) The higher the set goal the lower the base cost. 
What you earn per sale:
From knowing your set goal and understanding your base cost you should know how much you will earn per sale for any particular campaign. So assume your price per tee is $21.50 and your base cost is $9.
You subtract your base cost from your sales price and what you get is how much you make per sale. …>>>>$11.50. Using the example above.
Or maybe you sell your shirt for $19 then your profit will be $10 after subtracting the base cost. etc...
Your estimated profits for every campaign is always displayed when you get to the second stage of setting up your campaign.
How much you earn after every campaign :
It's simple. How much you earn after your campaign depends on your set goal and the base cost for the campaign.. I already gave an example of this above. Subtract the base cost from the price per sale for your tees, then multiply the profit by your goal. 
E. GSuppose you price your shirt $19 for each shirt and the base cost for the campaign is $9,  then after subtracting the base cost you are left with 10$ so your profit on each sale would be 10$, if you set your goal as 50 or 100 and achieve your goal then your profit will come out as 50 x $10 = $500 or 100 × $10 = $1000.
Also it is possible that you can overdo your goal(selling more than your set goal).
This simply means your shirt is hot selling and hence you are getting more sales than you planned.

Now after selling all shirts or hitting your sales goal for your campaign(i. e maybe you set your campaign goal at 50 and you successfully get the 50 sales) ,  Teespring will now print your shirt and ship it to all your customers who placed order and you get paid too.
Campaigns run for a specific length of time and once the campaigns close that is when the buyers cards will be charged as the shirt is printed and shipped.
There is no more chance for anyone to get the shirt. (unless, of course you create another campaign for the shirt. Which of course you will if the first is successful)

Also note, the minimum amount of shirts you can sell for your goal is 3, but the higher you set your goal the more money you are paid per sale.
All these you will see in the process of setting up your campaign. 
Thanks  for reading.. 

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