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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Mike Mann Sells CraftFloor.com for $15,000, Rosener Buys Bungalow.com.

  In this edition of Detected Domains, we are looking at the domain names that famous investors and portfolio owners have bought and sold since our last instalment a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to DomainIQ, this issue of Detected Domains includes domain purchases from Andrew Rosener, Ali Zandi and Braden Pollock with sales from Garry Chernoff, Sam Dennis and Mike Mann.

Garry Chernoff purchased BowlOfFruit.com. He also looks to have sold the domainsDrinkable.com and AdventureZone.com.

Sam Dennis looks to have sold the first name domain Gregory.com.

Ali Zandi looks to have acquired XXX.clubrecently, directly from the .CLUB registry.

Morgan Linton may have sold i.ski after the domain moved into privacy protection.

Elliot Silver purchased TrafficAccident.comfrom NameJet. According to NameBio, the purchase price was $1,716.

Frank Schilling acquired LXL.com for $35,500 via NameJet

Andrew Rosener acquired Bungalow.com. According to a recent sales page, the domain had an asking price of $75,000.

Mike Mann sold Shensi.com for $19,888 andCraftFloor.com for $15,000. The combined acquisition cost was $165.

As reported by Elliot Silver, DigiMedia soldTile.com to Tile Inc, a smart location developer that’s raised $59 million in three funding rounds.

Also reported by Elliot was DigiMedia’s sale ofHay.com to a Danish fashion retailer.

Braden Pollock acquired Grassy.com from NameJet. According to NameBio, Braden paid $7,101 for the domain.

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