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Friday, October 13, 2017

OLX Nigeria Post Over 12 Trillion Naira as Second Hand Transaction On Their Website

    The over $1 billion Nigerian 2nd  hand market has showed to be growing, as a document submitted via a leading on-line labeled, Olx similarly attests to Nigerians, penchant for previously-owned items.

 In a new report submitted by the organization, as part of activities to mark its 5th anniversary in the market, the firm  recorded as much as N12.1 trillion used items dealings on its platform in 2016, which in line with it, the parent became anticipated to bounce better given the ability within the market.

 According to the agency, the figure, almost twice the market capital for Snapchat similarly underscores the strong place of secondhand market supplying inside the united states.
Analysing the document in addition, Country Manager of Olx, Lola Masha, said it intended that during 2016, one used item turned into being posted on the platform each 30 2nd on the market. “We currently receive over 2.8 million visits a month and we're looking ahead to a increase on this discern over the imminent months. This file reflects Nigerians cognizance of the second-hand fee in their possessions.

“The document takes a better examine each class revealing a few thrilling figures about Nigeria’s secondhand marketplace. For instance, the financial cost of cell phones published the platform in previous yr really worth over N6.5 trillion, that is equal to four and half of of the arena’s largest gold bars, even as the cost from  the house, furnishings  and lawn class totaled N44.Three billion.

  “The most high-priced mobile telephone posted on the web site turned into a Nokia Vertu for N950,000, while the maximum high-priced vehicle became a pre-owned 2015 Private Jet Bombardier worth N5.5 billion,” she stated.

“The record no longer most effective shows the vast price of the second hand marketplace however also demonstrates the high quality effect on-line classifed  has on the Nigerian economy. This is a concrete demonstration of our brand essence, ‘Everybody wins’.

“As sellers win once they sell gadgets they not need at decrease costs, Buyers additionally win after they purchase objects at wonderful reductions and the community wins as this change leads to increased circulate of cash in the neighborhood economic system.” Masha stated.

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